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ROBYNN OLSON is a Saskatoon based artist and has been creating and selling works of art the past ten years. 


The first years were focused on acrylic landscapes, with a shift to oil landscapes the past few years. "The vibrancy and slow drying time drew me to explore in oil paints and once I started I could not turn back!"


Representing Canada in simple shapes, bold strokes, and bright colours, a recognizable scene comes to life.


“Places I want to go and places I have been: that is what I want displayed in my home and I hope others want the same!  I see beauty in the world and desire to paint it – not in the reality we see it, but in a more vibrant, hyperreal, joyful way.”

Robynn’s hope is recreate your memories and dreams using paint on canvas.

Her husband and four young kids are gracious to accommodate her studio which is set up in their living room.  Robynn enjoys the challenge and freedom of painting in her home while her kids play alongside her.

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